Financial Considerations

We are a direct medical practice, operating privately and independently, which means we are not contracted by commercial insurance companies. We work directly for our patients, operating “out of network.” Nothing is controlled by a third party and there is no membership or facility fee.

All decisions and care recommendations are strictly between you and your physician. No long waits or rushed visits. Our patient-based approach is a model that ultimately works best for us and you. Come in and see the difference!

Our experts are invested in all aspects of your breast health - from teaching healthy eating strategies to decrease BMI and lower cancer risk, to helping develop a holistic breast wellness plan. We take the time to listen to you and understand your health needs and goals.

We are here to help every step of the way. We submit claims on our patients’ behalf that are often partially paid by insurance companies. This arrangement allows us to provide the best possible service to our patients without conflicts of interest. Many of our patients use money invested into their Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover out-of-pocket fees. By taking the time to get to know you and your breasts, we can prevent breast cancer or catch it in its earliest and most treatable stage, saving you money down the road.


What prompted the decision to become an out-of-network facility?

Our first priority is to maintain the highest quality of breast care for our patients. While operating within the confines of managed health care, we were told where to send our pathology specimens, at which hospitals we must operate, and even what procedures we were permitted to perform. In order to receive reimbursements for the services provided, we were required to treat a certain number of patients within a defined amount of time, which meant less time for doctor/patient consultations.

Working within these limitations drastically interfered with our ability to provide uniquely comprehensive and effective breast care for our patients. Now, we have the time, state-of-the-art equipment and nationally recognized team of breast specialists to make the experience as transparent and comfortable as possible.

We believe that caring for your breast health without the interference of managed health care providers is in both your interest and ours. By establishing a direct relationship with our patients, and not the “middle man,” we can provide the very best medical care and focus our attention on your individualized needs and well-being. We have no conflicts of interest.

Montclair Breast Center is unique in that we are a truly comprehensive Breast Center. While some hospitals may designate a "Breast Center" within their facility, they must use the hospital's multidisciplinary staff and facilities and provide only the care as approved by insurance companies. At Montclair Breast Center, your breast care is our only priority. When you come in for a breast examination and image, you will receive the results that very same day, and you will sit down with a breast imaging specialist to view and discuss the results in great detail. It is important that you are completely comfortable before, during, and after your examinations and procedures.



Please contact our Financial Department at 973-744-0604, or email Jackie at, with questions on billing and insurance.


"As a breast surgeon my value isn't determined by how many breast cancers I have treated, it's how many I prevented."
- Dr. Nancy Elliott, Founder and Director of Montclair Breast Center
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