Who you choose to read your mammogram makes a critical difference in detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages.  Most mammograms are read by general radiologists, reducing the rate of early detection.
At Montclair Breast Center, your advanced technology 3D mammogram is followed by a personal face-to-face review with a Fellowship Trained Breast Radiologist.  There are no delays in receiving your results and any concerns are addressed immediately by our own Breast Surgeons.  Additional procedures are promptly scheduled and performed in the comfort of our calm, relaxing and comprehensive breast center.
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Five Star Care at
Montclair Breast Center
  • "This is a very special place. I moved to Florida but still come back for my annual exams and tests. I am high-risk, but live without worry since in your care. Our goal and annual plan would discover any problems so early on. EVERYONE is so thoughtful and caring. This centers concept should be replicated throughout the US!"
  • "I am a registered nurse and an attorney. I used to travel to NYC for my mammography. I researched facilities in NJ. I feel so fortunate to have found you. Your training and equipment are top-notch. Thank you for your excellence!"
  • "I travel an hour to MBC it's worth every mile it takes to get there! The doctors to the staff are top notch I feel like it's family going there! Dr. Elliott and Dr. Lee are caring, wonderful women. I got a personal call from Dr. Lee after my MRI so I could enjoy my weekend!"
  • "I travel 4 hours to get there and it is worth it. Kind, compassionate, and patient people."
  • "I live 40 miles away but it is well worth the trip. Over the years I have needed additional images and ultrasounds - the ability to have that done immediately is what brought me to your office in the first place. The radiologists are top-notch and always take time to explain the test results. Thank you for everything!"
  • "I've been to other facilities for routine mamos but never had such a thorough exam. I will return next year!"
  • "Even if I had to pay 100% out-of-pocket it would be worth EVERY cent! The care I receive is second to none. Every single person in that center is professional AND unbelievably kind, friendly and nurturing. The level of care and time that is spent with me by Dr. Elliot and Dr. Quackenbush is astonishing. The staff removes all the stress from the experience. Thank you for being the platinum standard."

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"As a breast surgeon my value isn't determined by how many breast cancers I have treated, it's how many I prevented."
- Dr. Nancy Elliott, Founder and Director of Montclair Breast Center
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