Breast Cancer Blood Test

Montclair Breast Center Uses New Breast Cancer Blood Test

Test uses biomarkers to provide clarity to women with unclear results

Montclair, N.J. (January 25, 2017) – Montclair Breast Center now offers a new blood test that can help physicians address diagnostic challenges in breast cancer, as part of an early access program.

Many women, especially the 50 percent of women who have dense breasts, undergo their routine mammogram and follow-up testing, only to receive an unclear result. That usually means biopsy. Furthermore, about 30 to 40 percent of breast cancers go undetected in women with dense breasts.

The Montclair Breast Center is a private, boutique facility which enables advanced care with the utmost privacy, comfort and unparalleled attention.Fueled by passion and expertise, the highly-skilled staff at Montclair Breast Center believe in proactive healthcare.

“At Montclair Breast Center, we specialize in providing our patients with individualized care by using the most cutting edge technology available,” said Montclair Breast Center Founder and Director, Dr. Nancy Elliott. “Having early access to Videssa® Breast, a breast cancer blood test that can provide additional clarity when initial results are abnormal, allows us to help women be more proactive in their healthcare.”

Montclair Breast Center is offering this blood test in collaboration with Provista Diagnostics, a leading diagnostics company that aims to help diagnose diseases and inform better clinical decisions to enhance women’s health and quality of life.

“Provista Diagnostics has offered Videssa Breast to Montclair Breast Center through its early access program. We’re proud to partner with Provista Diagnostics, a company with a mission that aligns with our own – to use innovative solutions to enhance women’s health and quality of life,” said Montclair Breast Center Director of Breast Imaging and Clinical Breast Radiologist, Melissa Lee.

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About Montclair Breast Center

Montclair Breast Center is dedicated to saving lives through proactive healthcare: breast cancer prevention and early detection.

Our integrative approach to breast care is unsurpassed and puts each patient first, every single time. We’re known for helping high-risk women prevent breast cancer and catching small cancer that others have missed. Montclair Breast Center offers advanced 3D mammograms - with same-day results – to all patients.

We believe women should be empowered with the most accurate and thorough information available. Give yourself the opportunity to prevent cancer by allowing our team of breast experts to read your results and manage your care. 

"As a breast surgeon my value isn't determined by how many breast cancers I have treated, it's how many I prevented."
- Dr. Nancy Elliott, Founder and Director of Montclair Breast Center
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