Comprehensive Breast Physical Exam & Consultation

Women with a specific breast complaint can be evaluated by a breast surgeon and breast imager. Common problems such as breast pain, cysts, lumps, nipple discharge and abnormal mammograms are evaluated in conjunction with breast imaging procedures.

At-home regular breast massage for health and wellness is recommended.

Visiting us for a Second Opinion?

A second opinion calls for mammogram specialists with additional expertise and experience. Our fellowship trained, technology-driven breast radiologists will review your images with you, evaluate their quality and perform additional views and/or ultrasound, if necessary.

If a biopsy was recommended, we may disagree. If we agree a biopsy is necessary, we can perform it the same day and will provide you with all our available options: surgical and non-surgical.

There is no reason to wait for results, a plan of action, or peace of mind.

We believe that women should be empowered with the most accurate and thorough information available. Montclair Breast Center is a private, out-of-network facility which enables us to offer advanced care and unparalleled attention. Nowhere else is there such a complete, integrated facility passionately dedicated to breast health. 

"As a breast surgeon my value isn't determined by how many breast cancers I have treated, it's how many I prevented."
- Dr. Nancy Elliott, Founder and Director of Montclair Breast Center
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