Montclair Breast Center is dedicated to saving lives through breast cancer prevention and early detection.

50% of cancers we find had a precancerous condition that could have been caught. Unfortunately, many women don’t know they are at increased risk, and therefore not taking advantage of preventative measures available.

We believe that women should be empowered with the most accurate and thorough information available. Give yourself the opportunity to prevent cancer by allowing our team of breast experts to read your results and manage your care.


About Us


Our all-female practice is a private, boutique facility which enables advanced care with the utmost privacy, comfort and unparalleled attention. Our integrative approach to breast care is unsurpassed and puts each patient first, every single time. We’re known for helping high-risk women prevent breast cancer and catching Stage 0 and Stage 1 cancer that others have missed.

Fueled by passion and expertise, the highly-skilled staff at Montclair Breast Center believe in proactive healthcare. Emphasis is placed on prevention and breast wellness through education, risk-reduction and surveillance. Montclair Breast Center provides routine screening mammograms as well as diagnostic mammography and breast physical exams. Breast ultrasound is used liberally for screening and diagnosis. Minimally invasive biopsy techniques are available on site.

Our first-class team is led by renowned surgeon Dr. Nancy Elliott and radiologist Dr. Melissa Lee.


Our risk reduction therapies can cut breast cancer incidence rates by 85%.


We believe expert breast care means:

  • Same-day results for 3D mammograms
  • Personal consultations with your breast imaging specialist
  • Expedited scheduling for immediate concerns
  • Advanced screening methods (Ultrasound, MRI)
  • Fellowship trained doctors
  • Onsite genetic testing
  • Risk assessment & risk-reduction counseling
  • Personalized surveillance planning
  • Avoiding unnecessarily invasive procedures, when possible
  • Taking the time to educate our patients and develop a real doctor-patient relationship


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Nowhere else is there such a complete, integrated facility passionately dedicated to breast health.


Our Office


In a single, convenient location, patients will find the individualized care that distinguishes Montclair Breast Center as a leader. Our beautifully designed breast center was designed with you in mind! Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology in a spa-like, caring environment that fosters confidence, comfort, peace and dignity.

Every woman will receive the most advanced and personalized care available. Come see us in Montclair, NJ!


"As a breast surgeon my value isn't determined by how many breast cancers I have treated, it's how many I prevented."
- Dr. Nancy Elliott, Founder and Director of Montclair Breast Center
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